Why Silence Can Be Great For You

Everyone knows that stress is bad for you, but not only because of the fact that it gets you cranky and makes you feel tired, stress can also be incredibly bad for your mental well-being, and unfortunately, there has been an upward trend in our stress levels for many years now. There are a lot of things that cause stress, one of the most common being noise, noise is everywhere nowadays and feels almost inescapable if you live in a well-populated area. In fact, we humans have become so noisy that experts have dubbed it as a new form of pollution, a modern plague that can damage our overall well-being and our mental health in the long run.

Many people who live in noisy areas fall victim to chronic stress that affects them over a long period of time and causes all kinds of problems, including problems in the immune system, diabetes, a higher chance of afflicting heart disease and more. A prolonged state of stress can also cause damage to your brain cells, and eventually lead to the formation of several kinds of mental illnesses.

Fortunately, silence provides us with a cure, sort of. Studies show that being in a tranquil environment significantly reduces one’s stress levels, allowing their body to take a much needed break from all the tension and discomforts being caused by chronic stress. Simply driving out to the middle of nowhere or jamming ear plugs into your ears will not do the trick, research also shows that when one goes somewhere quite while in a state of stress, they begin to get assaulted by thoughts that only further increase their stress levels.

If you really want to subject yourself to a silent treatment that produces positive results then you need to go somewhere that is not just silent, but also tranquil. One can simply go for a camping trip somewhere off the beaten path, somewhere that is off the beaten path but also safe. Or you could go on a weekend trip to a spa or resort that lets you escape from the daily hustle bustle of your lifestyle. If you do not feel like you are up to planning a camping trip or going to a resort then you can even do something as simple as getting away from your smartphone for a couple of hours, go off the grid by switching off your Wi-Fi and relaxing in your home.

The Japanese practice Shinrin-Yoku to alleviate stress, shinrin-yoku translates to “forest bathing” and is a deceptively simple way of treating your stress, it involves going on a relaxing walk through a forest that eases the mind and also boosts one’s immune system. If you live somewhere where there is an abundance of trees that simply going on a walk through the forests can significantly lower your stress levels.

We often become so engrossed in our day to day routine that we end up forgetting to slow down and give our body and mind some breathing space.