Why British Comedy Deserves More Appreciation

When people talk about standup comedy, our mind usually ends up going towards American standup comedians without even realizing it. In fact, a lot of famous names in the standup comedy circle are mostly American, so names like Amy Schumer, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, and Patton Oswalt and so on stand out. Now, what a lot of people who are new to the comedy scene do not explore enough, and end up neglecting is other types of comedy, and British or English comedy ends up being neglected.

British comedy/humor is one of the best kinds of humor because you will find a sense of dreariness, and a lot of cut-throat, sarcastic yet dry or morbid humor. It is not as explicit as American humor, but it has its own distinct and unique charm. Laurie and Fry are one of the best examples of British comedy, and you can find their shows online in their entirety on websites like nextupcomedy.com if you happen to be looking for more classical British humor.

If you are looking for standup comedians, then you can find acts like Ricky Gervais quite entertaining. Apart from his twitter posts, Gervais is known for his blunt and rather “offensive” jokes and acts where he tends to push the boundaries as much as he can, and is considered to be one of the most famous comedians in the UK.

Frankie Boyle is a great option for people who want to be updated on current events, and want to find some humor in it as well. Boyle has been known to make entire acts regarding Brexit, the US elections, and other current events happening around the world.

Of course, another legend that cannot be ignored is Jimmy Carr, someone who leaves behind a legacy and has been known to host and star in a lot of comedy shows throughout the years, and is best known for his own iconic laugh.