The Different Certifications You Can Obtain For HVAC Training

If are new to the field of HVAC then it is probable that you do not know that there is no one certification that can allow you to do all types of work in the field. There are different certifications that train and allow a person to work on certain areas in the field.

The hvac careers are divided into different categories and you need different certifications to work in them so we have briefly discussed the various certification that you can get to become an HVAC technician.

Type 1 Certification

This is the certificate that allows technicians to work on different kinds of small appliances. If you have this certificate, you will very well be able to work with home refrigerators, some types of vending machines and air conditioning units.

Type 2 Certification

It is not common knowledge but HVAC technicians need a certificate for safety disposal of certain items and this is where this particular certification comes in. The high powered refrigerants that can be found in industrial air conditioning units and refrigerators cannot be disposed just like that, it is the job of a technician holding type 2 certification to dispose of it in a safe manner.

Type 3 Certification

This certification is for all the technicians whose jobs involve dealing refrigerants of low pressure.

EPA 608 Certification

Every technician who will ever work with or deal refrigerant container in his/her job is supposed to hold this type of certification but remember, it does not allow the technician to purchase the item.

NATE Certification

Holding the North American Technician Excellence is a great way to say to your employers that you are serious about your career and you know how to operate in the field well no matter how tough it gets.