If You’re Going to Take Your Dog Along, Make Sure It’s Safe

Kayaking is a sport for only a few people. The rest of them tend to keep it as a fun and relaxing activity. They prefer dog kayaking to a lake to view the sunset and listen to music. On this venture, they tend to not to be alone and take their dog along. This has, however, resulted in a lot of capsizing accidents resulting in extremely bad circumstances. The dog shouldn’t be expected to sit still which is the main component of the activity. If you’re not expecting your dog to neither panic nor get over excited about being on water, then you’re in the dark.

Train Your Dog

Of course you can take your dog along. We’re not going to rule that out as a possibility since it can be a relaxing and therapeutic activity. But before you just pick up your dog and sit him down on a kayak, you need to learn a few damage control basics. First of all, take your dog out on water to see if it is generally water friendly or not. While some dogs can be extremely comfortable with water and learn very easily, some might make the training process a hard task. Once you know if your dog is water friendly or not, then you can decide how to train it specifically for this activity. After that, train it to swim because that is somewhat necessary. Once your dog knows how to swim, it will be less likely to panic on a kayak since it will be comfortable with water. Start with shallow waters so that if an incident occurs in which the boat topples over and the dog starts panicking, then you’ll be able to handle the situation.