Great Apps For Practicing Meditation

There is a lot of scientific evidence that backs up the effectiveness of meditation, it helps you relieve stress and get rid of excessive mental and physical tension, which in turn, helps one feel lighter and better about themselves. More and more people have been looking into meditation now thanks to the insane amount of stress that has become common in most of our lives, in the beginning of 2018, “meditation app” was one of the most Googled terms of January 2018, which goes to show just how many people are looking for a way to de-stress themselves without having to drastically change their lifestyle.

Fortunately, app developers saw this opportunity and jumped at it, there are loads of meditation apps on the Google play store and the Apple store that help users meditate in various ways. Today, we are going to take a look at a few of our favourite meditation apps.


This app has received a lot of positive attention thanks to its neatly organized interface, its plethora of meditation programs, and its ample use of beautiful nature shots that you get to look at whenever you use the app. It offers a program that lets you meditate for a week, this program basically acts as an introductory course to meditation, and there are a number of other, more advanced programs available as well. The app has some great user reviews and can be found on Android and iPhones, you can get the app for free or subscribe on a monthly or yearly basis.


Headspace makes approaching meditation incredibly simple by naming its courses according to the emotions that one might be feeling, such as sadness or restlessness. The app also provides guidance on healthier and controlled eating, pain management, and anxiety management. Headspace is great for people who are new to meditation thanks to its guided mode, and it provides more experienced meditators with an unguided mode so they can meditate at their own pace. The app even has exercises that are designed to help people manage and control their temper and panic attacks while they are on the go.

Headspace is available on iPhone and Android devices, it comes with a free option and a monthly subscription as well, you can also find plenty of great reviews about the app that give you a pretty good idea of what to expect from it.


This meditation app focuses on keeping things simple and giving user’s s chance to connect with one another by sharing their meditative experiences. It’s simple user interface come with a timer that starts when you begin meditating and stops once your session has ended, it also has a meditation log that notes down the duration of your sessions and lets you write down notes about every session if you feel like it. ZenFriend’s paid version is significantly cheaper as compared to other apps, it also unlocks up to 10 guided meditation sessions. ZenFriend also has a free version.