Healthy Whole Grain Recipes

One of the grains we talked about on today’s show was quino – if you would like to learn more about quinoa, there’s a great Beginner’s Guide to Quinoa over at Positively Healthy.

There are also a number of recipes over there – and while they all use quinoa, try substituting in your favorite whole grain and let us know how it went by leaving a comment.

The New York Times just posted this Quinoa Spinach and Mushroom Salad recipe a couple days ago, haven’t had a chance to try it but it looks terrific.

And if you want lots more quinoa recipe ideas, you have to check out How Do You Cook Quinoa – a site for all things quinoa.

One of the other grains mentioned was Freekeh – another ancient grain that is starting to see a bit of rediscovery. Check out this Whole Grain Summer Salad that was made using freekeh.

Joy Bauer is an RD and author who I’ve chatted with on Twitter a few times. She has a lot of great recipes over on her site, including many using whole grains such as farro, oats and brown rice.

Jenn from Roving Dish, our guest for today’s show shared a couple recipes that use the Thrive Baking Mix she develop that is based on gluten-free teff flour: Check our her recipe for making your own Waffle Cones and her vegan Quinoa Cakes. And the folks at Fig and Fork have a Pinwheel Cookie recipe that uses Thrive Baking Mix and if you check them out through next Wednesday, July 18 you could even have a shot at winning a canister of Thrive Baking Mix for yourself.


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