Clean Water and a Rememberance

We’ve discussed the importance of water on a previous show, but sometimes it’s easy to take for granted our access to clean drinking water.

Splash’s mission is simple: To change the lives of vulnerable children in impoverished urban areas by providing clean, safe drinking water to orphanages, schools, children’s hospitals, street shelters, and rescue homes. Splash envisions a world with clean water for all children—and a museum telling of when it was not so.

My mother, June Richardson Fitz was a special woman in many regards and our family and friends mourned her passing on December 14th. I believe what my mother will be most remembered by was her passion for children — ALL children.  My mother admired the dedication to children by Splash and was particularly proud that her oldest grandchild supported her husband’s dream in founding this effort. I encourage you to visit the website and if you have a moment, please also click on the “stories” tab — it shares the beauty and hope of how lives have been transformed through Splash. I hope you will consider a donation to this important and life changing program.

-Laurie Beth Fitz

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