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WUC Live! Wednesday, October 1 at 7PM

We’re excited to premiere a new way to “change your mind, change your health”, with The Wake Up Call Live!. Ok, all of our shows are live, but until we come up with a...

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4/19/2014 Show Preview

Our upcoming show on April 19th will be the first of a three part series on how horses can benefit our health and well being. This Saturday we are focusing on how horses can...

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1/25/2013 Show Preview

Hospital care has been changing . . . if you find yourself in the hospital you may be in the care of a Hospitalist. But who are Hospitalists and what do they do? Our...

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Midwest Pantry Shop Small Holiday Market

As part of our mega-show with Food Freedom Radio, we also teaming up with the folks from Midwest Pantry and their Shop Small Holiday Market is taking place from 10am-3pm at St. Anthony Village Shops. There...

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8/10/2013 Preview:

Twin Ciites Restaurant and food reporter and James Beard Award winner, Sue Zelickson, works closely with local and national chefs, restaurant owners, food purveyors and cookbook authors for her monthly column in Minnesota Monthly....

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2/16/2013 Show Preview: The 5 Love Languages

Have you ever tried to communicate to someone in a foreign language? The risk of mis-interpretation and miscommunication is high, which in turn, makes the relationship difficult. Did you know we all have a... 0

Clean Water and a Rememberance

We’ve discussed the importance of water on a previous show, but sometimes it’s easy to take for granted our access to clean drinking water. Splash’s mission is simple: To change the lives of vulnerable...