2/15/2014: Reincarnation – The Ghost Inside My Child


What if your child remembered a life before they were born? How would you feel if they told you specific and traumatic details of another time and place? Children of all ages who claim they remember previous lives are quite common-and hundreds of these accounts have been scientifically documented, researched and studied, both in the United States and abroad since the 1950s.

Ghost Inside My Child

We were joined today by Sandra Alvarez, the producer for the Lifetime Movie Network series, Ghost Inside My Child. “Ghost Inside My Child” is an LMN series that explores these families’ most guarded secret: their child lived before. The series shares what many feel is inexplicable and confounding. These young children are having very real memories and very real experiences that belong someone else.

Also joining us was Jennifer Williams, the mother of one of the children featured in the program. Jennifer’s son Eric, is believed to have been Sidney Coe Howard, who wrote the screenplay for Gone With The Wind and died in 1939 in a farming accident before the film was ever released.

Ghost Inside My Child is now looking for more families with true stories to share. If  your child has told you details of his or her inexplicable memories of another life, they would like to hear your story. Email mychildstory@yahoo.com with details. And stay tuned for our follow up show on March 15th where we will further explore the topic of reincarnation and past life experiences. You can also find out more on their Facebook page.


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