12/22/2012: Naturopathic Medicine


Our show on Naturopathic Medicine featured Dr. Andrew Litchy, a Naturopathic Physician who is joining the Bhakti Wellness Center and will be periodically hosting Wake Up Call Radio shows on health and well being. In this show and upcoming future shows, Dr. Lichty shares ways that Naturopathic medicine approaches prevention as well as treatment options to create and support wellness for the whole individual.


Naturopathic medicine is not in “opposition” to conventional care. Rather the two approaches complement each other. During our December 22nd show Dr. Litchy shared his personal story on why he pursued a career in Naturopathy, answered questions and outlined ways that studies have shown improved quality of life, as well as improved outcomes with Diabetes, Back Pain and Anxiety. We learned that Naturopathic medicine is a philosophy of medical care that emphasizes the individuality and innate healing capacity of the patient. The goal of the Naturopathic approach is a complete resolution of illnesses with maintenance of wellness through expert lifestyle modification. I encourage you to listen to our conversation and learn more about ways Naturopathic medicine may be a good choice to support you on your health journey.


Rob is a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, certified by the ISSA and is currently pursing a nutritional sciences degree with plans on becoming a Registered Dietitian. He is also a member of the Obesity Action Coalition and a volunteer for the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America. As a personal nutritional coach with Positively Healthy, Rob helps his clients make small, realistic changes to their eating and exercise habits that add up to positively healthy results.

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