10/26/2013: Growing Up With Food Allergies


Kids w/Food Allergies

We were joined in studio today by Fletcher (10), Franki (16), Kaylee (17) and Max (14). Fletcher, Kaylee and Max all have various food allergies and Franki is Fletcher’s older sister. We talked about what it is like growing up with (or as the sibling of someone with) severe food allergies.

We talked about their favorite places to go out to eat, going to school, talking with friends and family, some of the neat opportunities they’ve had, what it’s like to have an anaphylactic reaction and much more.

And thanks to the kids for recording that great show intro for us this morning too.

The following video is the documentary, An Emerging Epidemic: Food Allergies in America, done by The Discovery Channel along with the folks from FARE

Max, one of our guests today had this allergy friendly recipe to share. It is one originally developed by his grandmother, Maxine Narvaez, long before he was born.

Tofu Breadcrumbs


  • 1 extra-large onion, chopped
  • 2, 12-ounce packages of firm or extra-firm tofu, coarsely cut in large pieces
  • 1 package of stuffing mix or croutons or dried bread crumbs with seasonings of your choice (use your favorite allergy friendly brand or make your own using an allergy friendly bread of choice).
  • 1/2 cup balsamic vinegar (may be increased or decreased for desired taste)
  • 1/3 cup Olive oil
  • 1 cup Water
  • Optional: green beans


Simmer onions in frying pan with oil until clear: add tofu (and green beans, if desired) and continue cooking. Add 1 cup water and ½ cup Balsamic vinegar to mixture, then mix in stuffing or crouton bread crumbs with their seasonings. Heat through, gently stirring mixture, adding additional water if necessary to moisten bread crumbs.

Serving suggestions: serve over couscous or rice, along with a lettuce salad.

Additional Resources

And finally, thank you to Malone’s All-Natural Simple Syrups for our call-in prize for today.


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